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If you have been mistreated in the workplace, are being harassed, or feel unsafe when you go to work, Badame Law Group, APC can help. We work to hold employers responsible for allowing the hostile work environment to continue, especially after incidents have been reported.

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What Constitutes a Hostile Work Environment

In employment law, there are many situations that fall under the category of a hostile work environment. Simply put, a hostile work environment is one in which an employee is being harassed or feels intimidated or threatened. This can be as a result of a supervisor, employer, or co-worker.

There are three main types of behavior which a hostile work environment can fall into which are:

  • Discrimination/harassment based on a protected class (such as race or gender)
  • Offensive conduct- causing offense to a reasonable person
  • Sexual Harassment- behavior characterized by the making of unwelcome and inappropriate sexual remarks.

Examples of behavior in a Hostile Work Environment:

  • Ethnic or racial slurs
  • Unwanted touching
  • Rude jokes or gestures
  • Leering and unwanted advances
  • Putting offensive content on display
  • Vulgar statements or jokes
  • Requesting sexual favors
  • Demanding sexual quid pro quos
  • Jokes about someone's religion/age
  • Mocking someone's disability
  • Catcalling

Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws

Be aware that if your hostile work environment is tied to discrimination, federal anti-discrimination laws do not apply to all employers. An employer must have at least 15 or more employees, or 20 employees if age discrimination is part of the allegation. If your employer is not covered by federal law, they may be covered by state law instead.

How to Prove a Hostile Work Environment

In order to prove you are working in a hostile work environment, make sure to keep all communications regarding your situation. This means any emails, voicemails, memos, letters, etc. that contain harassing language, as well as communication between you and your supervisor or Human Resources (HR) informing them of the incident(s). Keep in mind that communication is not limited to the workplace or work hours -- any unwelcome communication you receive at home or outside work hours is still relevant. This helps show how extensive the harassment is.

Holding Employers Responsible for a Hostile Work Environment

If you are a victim of a hostile work environment, the first thing you should do is report it (in writing) to your employer. This is especially important if you are reporting a co-worker or supervisor and want to later illustrate that the employer was aware of it. Your employer is responsible for taking action as soon as possible and if they fail to do so, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. It is important that you do not quit your job unless it becomes totally necessary so that we can effectively pursue your case. At Badame Law Group, APC, our Irvine hostile work environment attorneys can help you pursue damages for the harassment you have experienced.

You don't have to endure a hostile work environment any longer. Call us at (949) 393-4249 for strong legal representation.

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