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A class action lawsuit is when multiple people who have fallen victim to the same discriminatory or illegal practice decide to stand up together and take legal action. At Badame Law Group, we can provide representation for class action lawsuits relating to employment law, such as wage and hour disputes or discriminatory hiring practices.

Many people who have been wronged by their employers soon learn that others in different branches of the company have been mistreated the same way. Our class action lawsuit lawyers can work with you and others to gather sufficient information to prove a pattern and hold the responsible party accountable. This can not only help the wronged parties get the help they need but it also holds wrongful employers accountable, preventing similar mistreatment from happening to others.

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Types of Employment Class Action Lawsuits

Class action suits help to protect the rights of employees on a broad scale. Both federal and state law offer protections for employees against unfair labor practices.

A few types of class action lawsuits we can handle include:

Pursuing an Employment Class Action Lawsuit

A class action lawsuit can be incredibly complex, especially when you take strict deadlines, massive amounts of paperwork, and the fact that other individuals are involved into account. Our Irvine class action lawsuit attorneys can work with you to ensure your claim meets all the requirements for an employment class action lawsuit. We are prepared to handle anything which can come up during this process, from investigatory work into your employer's practices to navigating settlement offers.

Obtaining Class Certification

In order to file a class action claim, plaintiffs must first establish the existence and significance of their class.

To establish itself, a class must prove the following characteristics:

  • Significant number of plaintiffs - The number of plaintiffs and lawsuits in the case would make individual litigation impractical
  • Common "questions of law or fact" - The members share similar questions of law or fact, making it more efficient to pursue as one claim
  • Claims typical of the class - The class representative is pursuing claims typical of the class

Other criteria may apply depending on the case in question. In general, it is important for the class to be significant, clearly defined, and with similar claims best pursued through a single class action. In some cases, subclasses can be established if certain members within a class have slightly different interests. Each subclass is required to have a representative to protect the interests of the class.

Notifying the Class

After certification, all possible members of the class must be notified of the class action claim. Members have the option to opt out of the suit, meaning they will not partake in a portion of the class action settlement but may still pursue their own individual claim.

Filing the Suit

With an attorney, the class can file their class action lawsuit.

Through the lawsuit, members of the group can pursue compensation for:

  • Lost or unpaid wages
  • Lost or mishandled benefits
  • Attorneys fees

Class action lawsuits often result in negotiation and settlement, which will be approved by the courts. However, our attorneys are prepared to pursue your case all the way to trial if necessary.

Why Hire a Lawyer for Your Class Action?

While there are situations in which transgressions are honest mistakes made by employers, unscrupulous or negligent behavior should not be tolerated. The more people who join a class action suit alleging the same behavior, the more likely it is that this behavior was intentional. As such, your employer will likely have their own aggressive defense and they may even attempt to offer the class an unfair settlement. At Badame Law Group, we are here to protect you from further mistreatment and to ensure that your needs are represented during the lawsuit.

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